Terms and Conditions

1. All goods are stored under R.H.A conditions of storage.
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2. Scenery Storage

A scenery inventory (including digital photos when necessary), will be compiled and sent by fax/email to the production office, together with a “Satisfaction Form” to be signed and returned.. This will occur within three working days from the off-loading of the scenery.

Alternately the production may produce their own inventory to be checked by Keptset Logistics while off-loading, this will also be faxed to the production office within three working days.

3. Prop/Costume Storage

Option A: Kepyset Logistics will count boxes whilst loading on to a container and compile an inventory of larger items and will accept no liability for the contents of the boxes.This inventory will be faxed to the production office within three working days from off-loading, together with a Satisfaction Form to be signed and returned.

Option B: The production may request that a responsible member of their staff is present when props/costumes are loaded into containers which will be padlocked (padlocks can be provided). The keys will then be retained by the production.

For either option a Satisfaction Form will be faxed for signature and returning.

Items that come into storage which are not covered by any of the above categories will be negotiated as and when they arise.

Please note: We do not store food or perishable items. In the case of any such items that are undisclosed, the client will be held responsible for any damages caused.